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I LOVE working on a variety of creative tasks in the digital and the physical world. If I have one specialty, it would be Animation & Motion Design used to educate, entertain or inspire.


Throughout my career I have helped share my passion of telling stories and learning through broadcast, online, and direct to consumer platforms for brands such as eCornell, Schneider Electric, Telus, Pepsico, FedEx, KFC, Swarovski, Intel and many others. 

My humble beginnings in a small production studio called Destiny Images in West Virginia was where I began learning all about media production. In the 5+ years working in a small studio with a handful of other very talented creatives, I laid the foundation for a career as a creative generalist with skills such as 3D modeling, animation, editing, sound recording, scriptwriting, talent acquisition, and project management.

Briefly after a relocation to Rochester, NY I entered the world of eLearning. First working at Element K developing animated and interactive content with Flash (yeah I'm old). As technology advanced I expanding rich media development in our department by combining 3D animation with video and illustrations to make world class solutions for very large brands. I continued on developing solutions through numerous corporate  acquisitions, the lates being by Skillsoft.

I left Rochester for Huntsville, Alabama as an opportunity at Camber Corporation gave me a new challenge to work in a new environment. My production experience  combined with my knowledge on how to develop instructional media, helped me vastly in the world of gaming simulations in the Unity 3D engine. I took on this challenge and quickly became a valued member of the team. I was even welcomed to join a small group to help produce an award winning program.

I left Camber to launch Knowlore Studios in downtown Huntsville, AL. I hired a small team of employees and contractors and we developed hundreds of hours of instructional content for eCornell and Schnieder Electric. 

Lately, I enjoy opportunities to bring branded physical products to the marketplace. My flagship brand, Embrace Candles (, has been rapidly growing in Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley area providing quality handmade candles and a 5-star Make-Your-Own Candle experience. I produced all aspects of the bands visual identity including storefront design, packaging, website, and social media content.

Through Knowlore Creative (, my post-COVID resurrected design agency. Through it I am reconnecting with my passion to tell stories. Whether informative, inspirational or entertaining, I enjoy using animation, video and motion graphics to communicate.

Currently I am seeking new opportunities to join a team. Having gone solo for almost a decade, I thoroughly miss the comradery and collaboration of a team effort. And also post work happy hours 😁

I enjoy creating things in the digital and physical world.

- Follow my Instagram profile @good.luck.gabe as I have bursts of creative inspiration -


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Text: 256-763-0067

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