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Radio Bros | Cyclone Alert Promo

Updated: Feb 9

The Cyclone Alert Promo was my first motion graphics/promo video of 2021!๐ŸŽ‰

This project came to me organically through word of mouth social engagement, I really love when that happens! The client needed a promo video to submit for the first stage of a pretty large proposal. The client's needs were to:

  • Explain the product through the frame of real-life scenarios.

  • Illustrate how the product works

  • Explain the products unique features

  • Rapidly produce the creative in less than 10 days

We were excited to work collaboratively with the Radio Bros on this crucial piece of their proposal. Because of our work together, they successfully made it past the first stage of the proposal process and was invited to the next phase!

We Win!


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