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Plan Your Next Value Stack

A simple tool to plan and organize your thoughts before you write your next piece of content.


Who is this tool for?

- Anyone who struggles with delivering value.

- You are at a loss for new ideas

- Stuck in a cycle of posting 💩 content

- You want less social media "friends" and more customers


What's inside this tool?

A quick list to help you orient your thoughts and clarify your approach to value. This tool will help maximize your focus. reading through it all will also expand your options on how to win over your audience. Within each type of value listed, you will find useful information to direct you on how to create your next piece of content.


Who am I? My name is Gabe Ledesmas.


I am a former creative agency owner now bringing my insane skill stack to the creator market. Over the last 20 years, I have worked with large corporate brands and small mom-and-pop shops in almost every business sector. The common thread for sustainable success found in each business is understanding value and how to communicate it to an audience.



The Value List

  • Delivered as a .pdf with a link to a notion file.

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