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The Hidden Value that Only Social Media Masters Know

Small business owners often miss out on a valuable ingredient that is crucial for their long-term success.

I avoided it for a long time.

It is a secret that hides in plain sight within the platforms of social media.

It is happening every day, right in front of you and also in spaces you cannot see.

I am not talking about a strategy or marketing gimmick.

This is a hidden gem of value that few recognize but is essential for sustained growth.

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Ayana's Story

The Power of Being "Real"

Being a "real" person, fostering genuine connections, and curating a select group of individuals became the cornerstone of Ayana's social support community.

This type of leverage facilitated growth and success for each member.

It's the distinction between an amateur and a pro in the realm of social media entrepreneurship.

Most of the social media accounts with large metrics did not achieve success by creating massive amounts of content on their own.

Here are four steps that you can take to cultivate a social support community:

  1. Befriend Who You Follow: Reach out to individuals you admire and already follow, regardless of their account size. Foster connections with the purpose of value in mind. As you would in the real world, you would want to befriend a diverse group of people who offer something different. Think beyond services and products, think about personalities as well. The only singularity that you should look for is a goal of adding value through their businesses.

  2. Conversate, Don't Chat: Have a purpose behind your conversations. Engage to share a story or relative news. Letting a bit of yourself be known is the only way to see if the other person will share as well. Be direct with your intentions, accepting that some people might not want to create a connection. Carry on graciously understanding that social media gives you access to billions of people. I am certain you can find enough fruitful connections over time with a genuine approach.

  3. Curate a Supportive Circle: Create a circle of like-minded individuals where mutual respect, encouragement, and collaboration thrive. It does not have to contain all your connections. You may end up with a few circles of "friends". Focus on quality connections over quantity.

  4. Foster Active Participation: Be encouraging and active within your social support community. After all, you formed it! Check in with your friends inside and outside of the group chat. Continue to emphasize through action the value of collective sharing, learning, and support. Share your wins, losses, tears, and laughs.

Wind Down

Harnessing the hidden value of a social support community can be a game-changer.

Social media is not just about algorithms or follower counts; it's about forging meaningful connections that breed success.

Each social media platform has distinct tools to help you grow your own community.

Explore them so that when you are ready you can build one of your own.

Remember, in business and life, the power of a supportive community can propel you forward.

The purpose of the internet is the sharing of thoughts through connection.

If you build access to a great group of thought leaders and adventurers, you can unlock opportunities you never thought possible.

Embrace it, nurture it, and watch yourself thrive in ways you never imagined.

Help If You Need It

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