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Real World Value: Building Stronger Connections

A brand experience in the real world has different challenges and opportunities than a brand experience through digital means.

Value exchange is determined through interacting with the human senses.

Value exchange is also most likely done through human-to-human interaction.

In the real world, humans are often searching for connections.

They could be looking for connections to other humans.

Or a feeling of connection to the ideals they hold within themselves.

As you present your brand in real life, consider the ways in which you too are looking for connection.

As you create content that will be put on display, like an artist, what questions are you posing to your audience?

Consider applying a focus on creating functional, emotional, and cultural value.

These are three great ways to start crafting trust through interaction and eventually build loyalty.

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Functional Value
Emotional Value
Cultural Value


In the context of branding, value is a multidimensional concept.

In the real world, you have a higher chance to create meaningful connections.

You can set expectations in a way that is personable which expedites trust.

Pay attention to the functional value, emotional value, and cultural value in the real world.

Remember, delivering value is an ongoing journey that requires continuous adaptation, sp try new things.

I hope this note was helpful to you.

Good Luck!

This blog post is article 03 in the Value Series written by Good Luck Gabe



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