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Digital Value Creation: Visible and Impactful Presence

In the digital realm, value takes on new forms and challenges as technology transforms the way we engage one another.

The arrangement of well-crafted pixels often determines value.

Your audience can communicate if they value your offer with a swipe or a tap.

Or they can just doom-scroll past your content.

Online you must navigate the intricacies of how to communicate the values that people want to consume.

In my article The Value Equation, I review how we start from an initial value exchange and grow to create value and loyalty.

I also discuss how Value = Ice Cream (crazy I know).

The only way to foster attention, and interaction, meet expectations, and eventually develop loyalty is by using specific "flavors" of value.

To get started we are going to discuss how to use perceived value, convenience value, and social value to create meaningful connections in the digital world.

These are three great ways to start creating your value stack.

Click below to explore these three "flavors" of value.

Perceived Value
Convenience Value
Social Value


In the context of brand growth, value can be stacked, just like an ice cream cone.

However, in the context of content development, having a singular idea of the type of value you want to create will guide you.

It will orient you to develop content that people will want to engage with.

In your next three content pieces, consider how you are offering perceived value, convenience value, or social value.

Remember, delivering value is an ongoing journey that requires continuous adaptation.

Do not be afraid to change when necessary.

Thanks for reading my notes.

Good Luck!

This blog post is article 02 in the Value Series written by Good Luck Gabe



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